Your Financial Freedom Horizon

Why our strategy works:

  • Multiple timeframe analysis from weekly down to H4, trend based and price action based. Our own developed fibonacci equation for spotting crucial supply and demand zone.
  • Our account was built up from thousands to few hundred thousands. Currently trading 6 figures live USD account. Total client's asset under management > 230K USD.
  • All of our analysts come with solid financial background. Up to 12 years experinces in banking service and stock exchange.
Why our members choose over us
  • Signals were issue at fix time every morning only.  Only 5 minutes a week is needed to take our signals.
  • Acceptable risk and realistic return. 1% per trade is advised to take every trade. Low drawdown in both equity float and capital.
  • All trade comes with set loss. We never hold losing trade just for increasing win rate.
  • Our trade comes with healthy win rate vs risk : reward ratio. 
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